[Slowhand] ec's words.. who cares..

Apurva Parikh apuraja8 at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 31 09:39:57 EST 2006

ok, so ec liked jimi, maybe he didn't, one time he said yes, one time no..
what the heck does it really matter?

with all the drugs and other things he may have been on back in the days, I
don't trust anything he said back then, and we all know Eric has been known
to say one thing one year and another thing later.

it doesn't really matter what he thinks about jimi - they were fast friends,
musical contemporaries for a short time, both respected each other.. eric's
style and personality were reserved and rooted in technical proficiency,
jimi was a flamboyant person, style over substance if you will.. love em or
hate em they both were good guitar legends.


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