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Hi Nick,
Good to hear from you again. I should be still with regards to Dylan because I am no expert. I don't recall the venue that was shown in the documentary, but as you said, he was accompanied by a band, and I remember that everyone on stage seemed surprised by the audience reaction - the booing. I was not aware of the previous performance in Newport. I found an acoustic-Hendrix boot that I rather like, and I like to listen to his (studio) albums occasionally, but I am not a big fan in general. I wish that he hadn't died so youg so that we could see/hear how he would have evolved.

Come to think of it, I can't think of ANYONE who performed better stoned than lucid. I saw a tv documentary of YES prior to a tour they did - perhaps 2001 or 02??? Nearly all the original (not sure about R.Wakeman) characters. ChrisSquire said that he thought that they were NOW in their prime, playing at their best - because of sobriety. I would agree except for the creative aspect. They were just on a 'greatest hits' tour. Nothing new that I recall. Sad. For that, we are lucky being EC fans that he continues to create, and he still has the ability to 'knock the cover off the ball' - if he chooses to do so...

Speaking of Creativity, I'm liking MK - more and more. The more I hear, the more I like. Especially his lyrics and the orchestration that he does. I love to watch MK and EC playing together - such different styles that compliment one another so very well. I am on 'pins and needles' waiting for the April 25th release (in the US) of 'All the Road Running' w/Emmylou Harris. What a grand duo!
Cheers, Mel
DeltaNick <deltanick at comcast.net> wrote:
Mel, I have no idea what happened at MSG in NY, but I was NOT referring to any show other than Newport Folk Festival, Newport, RI, July 1965. This is the show at which Dylan first went electric. Nobody booed. Later on, when accompanied by the Hawks (soon to become the Band), they most certainly were booed all over the US and the UK. At Newport, Dylan was backed by part of the Butterfield Blues Band, including Mike Bloomfield, and Al Kooper.I liked Jimi, especially his first year or two in the limelight ('66-'67 and part of '68). After that, I think he was way too stoned and had met too many aliens from outer space. Nick
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