[Slowhand] DEREK & THE DOMINOS - Complete Fillmore Tapes offer

Bryan Reid humblephoenix at comcast.net
Fri Mar 31 22:42:14 EST 2006

Hello Swampers & SDers

Probably my favorite EC boot label these days is Paddington. They do an
awesome job on re-mastering, they are pretty darned accurate on their info,
and just plain do a first-class job all around.

I have just received Paddington's latest release - Derek & The Dominos -
Complete Fillmore Tapes, a 10 CD set, which has all the tapes that I've ever
seen from the Fillmore concerts and more. It has AUD and SBD from the early
and late shows on 23 Oct 1970 and the late show on 24 Oct 1970. As I've come
to expect with Paddington, the quality is awesome (I haven't had time to do
a thorough A/B comparison with the Tarantura set but a brief A/B shows
Paddington's mastering to be just as good, if not a little better - a
slightly warmer sound that makes me think they're using tube equipment
instead of solid state).

I'm happy to offer two (2) complete sets of this awesome collection to
people who will promise to re-offer to the Swamp Meet or SD.

Because Almighty Geetarz is still on sabbatical, I will include a CDR with
the artwork on it.

Reply off-group with your address and a commitment to re-offer. If I don't
reply, that means you were too late but I will post who will re-offer.



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