[Slowhand] observing observers

James Fox jbm90501 at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 1 17:44:01 EST 2006

Some musicians may get attention with dramatics.
Then there's real, quality playing which is difficult
to describe with words. It's comforting that others,
some of who are not musicians, recognize this as well
For over a year I've been doing this thing, almost
every Sunday evening, where I take a music dvd to a
local hangout for big screen viewing. It's usually
video that features guitar playing so E.C. has been on
a number of times. I've been noticing the reactions
of viewers to what's being played and it's obvious
that many people have great respect for Eric's playing
when it's more in the context of blues. 1994 to 1996
performances get much interest. I've pulled my eyes
away from the screen a couple times during solos to
see everyone staring intently as the guitar does it's
These are people of various interests and
occupations. A few have been strangers who happen to
walk in and become captured by what's being played and
they stay longer than intended. Comments are
interesting, all the way from simple "wow" stuff to
very personel statements. Things have been expressed
that might not have been talked about without the
musical experience.
I had a one-on-one conversation late one night after
showing NBTB. This person is around Eric's age and
told me about the loss of a son and how Eric called
him when he heard about it. He had never met Eric
before and I asked him how long they talked. He said
an hour. Eric called this guy he didn't know and they
talked about a similiar sorrow. The guy was moved
again hearing his guitar and voice.
Other people talk about memories and their own
experiences trying to play an instrument. Some have
said they've developed more appreciation of blues
though it's important to know I also mix in players
like Albert King and Muddy Waters.

- Jim

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