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Music industry sues 2,000 uploaders in Europe
IFPI is using court injunctions to have file sharers' Internet access
cut off

By Peter Sayer, IDG News Service
April 04, 2006

The music industry unleashed a new wave of copyright lawsuits on
European Internet users on Tuesday, bringing the total sued since
November to around 2,000, the International Federation of the
Phonographic Industry (IFPI).

The lawsuits seek to impose fines on Internet users who have uploaded
music files and made them available for others to download without the
copyright holders' permission.

In addition to fines, the IFPI has begun testing a new legal weapon:
using court injunctions to have file sharers' Internet access cut off.
Already, 130 such injunctions have been requested in France, leading to
over 100 Internet users being disconnected by their ISPs (Internet
service providers). A Danish court ruled in February that the same
sanction can be applied there, said the IFPI, which is a trade
association for the recording industry.

The IFPI uses an automated search tool to pinpoint the IP (Internet
Protocol) addresses of those uploading files, and then asks the relevant
ISP to identify the subscriber.

"It's all anonymous until the ISP gives us the personal information,"
said Alex Jacob, a spokesman for IFPI, adding that there is no
demographic profiling of the targets for the lawsuits.

"It's simply the volume of files that these people put out," he said.
"They have been making large numbers of files available, hundreds or
thousands. These are persistent long-term file sharers."

The suits were filed in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland,
Italy, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland. Some were also filed in Hong
Kong, the only territory outside Europe taking part in the current wave
of actions, Jacob said.

There will be another wave of cases at the end of August or in early
September, Jacob warned.

Since IFPI members turned to the courts to stop the uploading of
unauthorized music files, they have sued a total of 5,500 Internet users
in 18 countries. The IFPI, which claims to have won hundreds of those
cases with settlements averaging €2,633 ($3,180).

Not all those cases end up in court. British Phonographic Industry
(BPI), a U.K. trade association, has filed 138 lawsuits, of which 102
were settled out of court. BPI has won four cases in court, and 32 are
still undecided, it said Tuesday.

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