[Slowhand] EC touring down under

Duncan McKie Duncan.McKie at infinity.co.nz
Sun Apr 9 17:00:04 EDT 2006

Well if Eric came Down Under to New Zealand, there would be no Cane
Toads, no creepy critters, and only a few politicians.
If he comes in our Summer (Dec-Feb.) he'll be able to watch the Kiwis
beat Oz and England in the Tri Series!!

Better still if he comes later in 2007 he'll be able to join the
celebrations as we finally win the Rugby World cup again. Could be a
chance for him to revive "Swing low Sweet Chariot"

Still, are there any rumours of Down Under? I have had one E-mail of
Down Under being part of the World Tour next year but nothing Firm yet -
Has he even released details of the US tour yet?

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>...although some of your critters are a little creepy. Aren't
there millions of horrible poisonous toads overrunning the country?
Maybe they
remind >EC of a few too many drum solos...

Hey brooz,

If you stay well clear of the government in Canberra, you won't see any
of those little creepy critters.
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