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Edward Ruggeri ruggeri at uchicago.edu
Wed Apr 12 19:29:25 EDT 2006

Hey Guys! I'm a big fan, and a new user of this listserv. I have a
question I'm sure someone has an answer for, but it's been driving me

I want to buy Eric's first solo album (Eric Clapton), but I was kind of
surprised that it
is not in stock at either Barnes and Noble or Amazon. It made me
if they were releasing a new edition - it seems I'm always unlucky in
buying CD's right before expanded versions appear on the market. Does
anyone know about this posibility?

In any case, it seems like the only CD versions are from 1990 (Polydor
#825093), 1995 (Mobile Fidelity #639), and 1996 (Polygram #531819),
allmusic.com suggests a 1998 version may exist ('Serv Rite (Fresh Pic'
#11003). I think the last entry is just an error, so I'm assuming that
the 1996 is a remaster of an early CD version, and that it is the one
get? I guess this is limited to US pressings and not imports...

Sorry about the long message. Thanks very much in advance, and I look
forward to hearing back!

-- Ned Ruggeri

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