[Slowhand] EC just wants to sing?

Nathan Lovett nathanlovett at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 19 04:31:23 EDT 2006

Here's a posting from a Doyle Bramhall II message

Not sure how reliable it is...and is probably a case
of 'chinese whispers' with things getting exaggerated
a little. Should stir things up anyway!!


Doyle made several more trips to Doug's Tonezone; the
last one Doug
fixed one of his Wah-wah pedals. Doyle was in a big
hurry to get
everything he needed to get done, as Eric's tour is
just about to begin. Doug
told me that he asked Doyle why Eric thought he needed
a band with 3
guitar players in it, Doyle told him that Eric wanted
to be able to sing
more on this tour and not have to do all the guitar

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