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Bruce Wilson kbw at mchsi.com
Fri Apr 21 17:01:32 EDT 2006

Yes indeed. The Letterman band often played White Room as transitional
music. The story goes that it was bandleader Paul Schaeffer's idea to play
White Room with EC, and he had to remind EC of the chords. Thanks, Paul.

restless diesels, goodby windows

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> Mel,

> EC indeed was on Letterman during the 1985 Behind the Sun Tour. He was a

> guest musician with the band and played EC classics during commercial

> breaks. It was the playing of White Room during this show that brought it

> back to EC's set list after almost 20 years. The tracks are on various

> boots. Nothing really stellar but interesting.


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> Thanks, Scott. I was suspicious about the booking when I reviewed the tv

> listings this morning and didn't see MK listed. MK will appear on the

> David Letterman show on April 27th not the 20th as I originally stated.


> http://www.mark-knopfler-news.co.uk/frameset.html


> I guess that there was a change in either the Letterman Show booking, or

> it was an error on the MKNews link.. Either way - David Gilmore is a guest

> on Leno tonight (04/20); so, we won't have to surf between simultaneous

> performances.


> Too bad EC has never performed on Letterman or Leno.


> Mel


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