[Slowhand] EC In The Times

Peter Gordon petergordon at lineone.net
Sat Apr 22 05:38:44 EDT 2006

Heads up for the UK readers. There is an excellent article on EC in the Times Magazine today. Talks about his family life with his three daughters, how he met their mother and how he's managing to juggle his time between being a father and preparing for his world tour. How's he enjoying the fatherly bit but also how at 61 he's considerably older than any of their friends dads. It also touches on his drinking with George Best and also how he tried to contact George just before he died. It was also new to read that Eric tried to talk George out of his drinking many years back and that George had in fact ran rings round Eric's argument and in fact felt more sorry for Eric. Eric was in his early alcohol recovery at the time.

Very little musical content in the article. It mentions the Back Home album in one not too encouraging sentence but otherwise is Daddy Eric and his 3 daughters.

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