[Slowhand] Tours of U.S.A. , Australia and Japan coming?

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Mon Apr 24 05:41:05 EDT 2006

Hi all,

Yes, Cream won't tour, but Clapton will :) and to those who are ready for some of his current music here's some news:

Somebody posted the Times Magazine interview on the Cream 2005 board and there was some proof of EC's tour in the U.S:

""He is huge in the States, played to packed houses during the Cream reunion last year, and will be criss-crossing the country again like a presidential candidate (he'd probably get in) later this year after the European leg of his world tour.""

Also tours of Japan and Australia are in the works:

""We will have to work it out so that I can come home for a day or two, or they can come and visit me for a similar amount of time. For the moment, it has been flexible because my work has not | been that demanding. But I will be going away for a month at a time, with the long trips to Australia | and Japan, where you can't really bring them in for i a weekend. And that will be tough, no doubt about it. I still regard music as my main calling. I would never regard myself as a father first, although I do think I am a good father now.""

Olli (getting ready for the RAH gig in May ;) )
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