[Slowhand] Re: Think of the electric guitar as the Wright Brothers of music

Fabio Dwyer downtownstreets at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 24 23:19:43 EDT 2006

>>Think of the electric guitar as the Wright Brothers of music -- without

>>it, rock would never have >>gotten off the ground

Actually I'd rather not think about eletric guitar this way, since the
Wright Brothers flying engine never got *off the ground* by itself; the
first real airplane that could take off the ground without needing to be on
the top of a hill was 14 Bis, by brazilian inventor Alberto Santos Dumont.
By the time the Wright Brothers engine was created it wasn't recognized by
the international flight assossiation as a real airplane since it was
necessary to be able to took of the ground at the *ground level*, without
any help of gravity, just with it's own resources. The first flight of 14
Bis was realized in Paris, in 1906 in front of thousands of witness -
another point taking on account in this case: there weren't any witness with
real credencials in the Wright's flight. Alberto Santos Dumont killed
himself after he realized that his invention, the airplane was used as a
weapon in the World War I. He never capitalized his invention, he said it
was a present to the world. He was also the inventor of the wrist watch (to
free his hand while he was flying) beside many other inventions we use
worldwide today, which is another difference between him and the Wright
Brothers - what they invented beside an airplane that couldn't take off???
It is like inventing a car that need to be pushed to start it up, it's an
incomplete car for the brazilian / french pattern of technology.

We're celebrating the centenary of the invention of the airplane in Brazil
this year, which coincided with our first brazilian going to space, Marcos
Pontes. A couple of years ago, George Bush, that wonderful guy who's trying
to destroy world peace, witnessed a flight with a perfect copy of the Wright
Brothers plane. It didn't work, of course. Dumont's 14 Bis was recreated in
the past and flew extremely well. It will fly again this year! Bill Clinton
already recognized Santos Dumont as the real inventor of the airplane while
he was visiting Brazil a decade ago.

In this case, the diference between Santos Dumont and the Wright Brothers is
a matter of marketing. Americans knew better how to sell this "truth" in the
past, so the current generation take it as a unarguable fact, but the truth
doesn't change anyway.

I don't have anything against US or americans (except Mr. Bushit), on the
contrary - my mother is from Philadelphia - and of course the US gave so
many incredible inventions to the world - sent man to the moon, created the
internet and the personal computers between many other incredible stuff, but
sorry guys, the airplane wasn't one of them. The Wright Bros. were important
pioneers in aviation, but they weren't the real inventors of this jewel.
That's not true and it's not a matter of point of view.

EC related topic? He wouldn't been playing very much outside the Surrey area
if it wasn't for Santos Dumont (lol)

Fabio Dwyer

PS. Yeah, I know Les Paul & Leo Fender were the real inventors of solidbody
guitars, it wasn't any brazilian...hehehe BTW Les or Leo??? Or it was
DeltaNick in his past life???

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