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Bryan, can't say that the following will serve to shed much light on
your query. I think it just highlights how much confusion there seems to
be about the dates. FWIW, I believe the dates in the Bill Graham
Database are correct. So, either the date for Wonder Winterland is
wrong, or it was really recorded at the Fillmore. Kind of funny when you
consider Wheels of Fire's Live at the Fillmore tracks come from
Winterland performances!!..........................T

The Bill Graham Database shows that CREAM were at Winterland - 2/29,
3/1, 3/2, 3/8, 3/9 & 3/10. They were at the Fillmore Auditorium 3/3 &
3/7. Geetarz web site does not indicate an error for Wonder Winterland
but also lists:
Sunshine of Your Love boot recorded at the Fillmore on 3/3 & 3/7
Roaring Marshall Stacks some tracks from Winterland 3/3

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