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Hi Kevin and DeltaNick,

I searched out my LP copy on the weekend, and it does have full liner
notes (and is in fact a very impressive LP booklet/notes etc.)
What it does state, and I can see where some confusion may have arisen,

Eric Clapton played slide guitar on "White Trash" and dobro on "The
Kentucky Racehorse", and the guitar solos on "Southern Boy", "No One
Would Believe A Summer Could Be So Cold", "The Southland's Bleeding",
"The King Has Called Me Home" and "Bad Man" were played by Bernie

On first reading this gives the (false) impression Clapton played on all
of those tracks. Case closed.


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Hi Jon

You are correct, the CD does not give exact credits. However, when it
first came out on LP, I bought a rare pressing that contained an
information sleeve, that credited Eric on the 2 tracks. Marc Roberty in
his "1963 - 19.." also credits the 2 tracks. However, the individual
contributions to each track are incorrect - from an instrument point of
view, e.g. Harmonica on "Kentucky Racehorse", among others. This I
picked up last night when listening to the CD.


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>> Anyone know which songs E.C. played on an album called "White

Mansions" (a Waylon Jennings related album)?<<

EC played slide guitar on track 4 ("White Trash"), dobro on track 6
("Southern Boy"), and the guitar solos on tracks 6, 8, 9, 13 and 14
("Southern Boy," No One Would Believe A Summer Could Be So Cold ," "The
Southland's Bleeding," "The King Has Called Me Home," and "Bad Man").


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