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Having been a huge fan since Cream,having seen Eric (and Cream) on so many
occasions,I have always found joy in his extended solos and his inspired
vocals,usually on blues numbers.
While Cream at the Garden last October was riviting,I was annnoyed at eric's
demeanor, as he clearly looked both bored and angry.Then I realized that he
restrains any enthusiasm in almost any show I have seen,except his blues
shows in the 90's.
I am also tired of his choice of songs while on tour and am confounded as to
why he limits his offerings.
These crystallizations are inspired by Bruce Springsteen.You can see him 5
nights in a row,and he plays atleast 5 different songs each night! His shows
are full of enthusiasm,and it permeates the crowd.Just saw his rehearsal for
the new Seeger album in Asbury Park on Monday and it was an exhuberant
performance with the crowd deliriously happy.Bruce conveys to his fans that he loves
what he does,that he loves us,and gives 110% at every show.
Eric only says a polite thank you after each song.If he wore a watch while
performing, I wouldn't be surprised if he looked at it a few times during a
This is not a Clapton bashing..it is simply the observations of a lifelong
fan that hopes so much that this upcoming tour will dispel these negatives,and
he will perform songs that we haven't heard for 20 years,that he excludes the
5 songs that none of us want to hear again,and that he seems
alive,energetic, and most of all, having some fun!
A Fan Who Wants More
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