[Slowhand] Eyesight To The Blind

Eddy Pollet eddy.pollet at pandora.be
Thu Apr 27 14:23:22 EDT 2006

Hi Jay,

After reading your question in the Digest, I immediately looked for my DVD
of Tommy, to check for the details of the performance ... to find only
"Vocals : EC" ... fortunately, I still had the LP (stands for "Long
Playing", which is a black vinyl discus of some 30 cm diametre - 12 inch)
with two separate inlays, in a font that can be read without glasses, even
by elder people like me, and that says :

"Eyesight to the blind"
The Preacher

Drums : Kenny Jones
Bass : John Entwistle
Vocal and Guitar : Eric Clapton

followed by the lyrics .

BTW. inside the sleeve I also found a review, written with a typewriter in
which is said :

.... and since the basic material hes been kept, and that the participating
musicians aren't exactly newbies, it has to be admitted that the result on
this -of course- double album are never less than good . And on a track like
"Eyesight to the blind", for once labourously but very impressively brought
to an end by Eric Clapton, and "Acid Queen", made by Faces Wood and Jones,
we can even use the predicate "excellent" ...


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