[Slowhand] Re: "Little Nightingale" and "Your Coming Home" [sic}

ToeKneeF slowhandnj at comcast.net
Wed May 3 11:32:03 EDT 2006

Red, never heard of these 2 and a quick check of Roberty's "Complete
Recording Sessions" yielded nothing either.

A quick Googling found several references to Nightingale, but none
connected to Clapton, e.g., "Little Nightingale" was performed in the
'60s by the In-Be-Tweens (later renamed Slade), The Mindbenders in 1966,
"Dear Little Nightingale" was performed by Michael Franks on his album
Burchfield Nines, and finally Brian Ferry penned "Nightingale" for Roxy
Music in the '70s.

As for "Your Coming Home", zippo............R U sure of your source?

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be pretty sure they're going to have some pretty annoying virtues!"
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