[Slowhand] 2006 Tour Setlist

Richard Millard millard_richard at yahoo.com
Sat May 6 11:51:57 EDT 2006

I'm sure everyone's seen the first night's setlist by
now. A mixed bag, as far as I'm concerned.

Nice to see Everybody's Got to Make a Change,
Motherless Children and a few others, but sheesh....
can't we EVER have a set without Wonderful Tonight -
Layla-Cocaine? Is there some law that says these must
always be played? Am I the only person in the world
who's sick to death of this format?

And why, of all the Dominos material, do we have to
hear Got to Get Better in a Little While again, after
just having it last tour? Why not change it up a
little, with Why Does Love Got to be so Sad, or Tell
the Truth, or Roll it Over, or Little Wing.... And I
Shot the Sheriff Again? Why? Why? Why?

C'mon EC - show a little imagination and shake things
up a little.

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