[Slowhand] Openig night at La Palestre

weedweed@tiscali.fr weedweed at tiscali.fr
Sat May 6 18:15:59 EDT 2006

Hi all,

I first attended EC live in 1998 so the inclusion of stuff
played in the 80's and 90's was welcomed for me.

Ok he played a bunch of classic already heard in
1998/2001/2004 but it is only 4 out of 19 after all.

So what? They were greatly performed, the addition of Derek
pairing with Doyle is fantastic.
And when Derek played his part on Layla it was just unbelivable.

It is understandable for the over 20 years followers that
they would hear something else but the vast majority of the
attendance could not have that chance.

Not that much stuff from Back Home (3 tracks) that leaved
room for great tunes from the Derek and the Dominos era and
made that night definitively enjoyable.

Impatient to attend it at RAH.


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