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Tue May 9 11:28:43 EDT 2006

>>>I don't understand the argument made by a num=

ber of folks on this list that we should accept Wonderful Tonight - Layla=
- Cocaine in every show because casual and uninformed fans expect them, =
and commercial considerations require EC to design his show for those mar=
ginal fans. To me, this is exactly the problem and the thing that most d=
isappoints me - the fact that EC loads up his set with music that he does=
n't care about and hasn't played with passion for years and years, becaus=
e he wants to be more "commercial," and then gets up there and just goes =
through the motions. I agree that this is what happens, but I sure don't=
see it as a "defence" of EC - I see it more as an indictment.<<<

Well, you can see it however you want but that's the way it is!
If you don't like it, don't go!
Just because the list isn't approved by you before being performed....

I do think Eric plays with tremendous passion, though. And you say he
'doesn't care about'...do you have some kind of insiders info here? Are his people
saying Eric doesn't care about playing Layla? Wonderful Tonight?
I think that's the main bone of contention here, between those who think
Eric is just going through the motions (and anyone who doesn't think so is
allowing him to sell out) and those who think everything Eric does is the greatest
(and can't understand why other people criticize him so unmercifully)....
I just like the way he sings and plays the guitar...and I think he's a
pretty good songwriter too!

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