[Slowhand] My 2 cents on the setlist

Gourlay.David at tbs-sct.gc.ca Gourlay.David at tbs-sct.gc.ca
Tue May 9 12:20:49 EDT 2006

Greetings from Canada - I am absolutely elated with the setlist so far and the variances between the France and Scotland show. There are some new songs in the mix that we have not heard live before and that, to me, is really what matters. While there will always be the, "standards" as there should be, it is great to see Eric every few years with some new content from the past live.

I also share someone's simple yet important comment that it is great to see him touring, period. Let's be cognizant of how fortunate we are on that front !

Looking forward to the RAH show - a week tomorrow !!


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