[Slowhand] One question for you to reflect...

Fabio Dwyer downtownstreets at hotmail.com
Wed May 10 23:32:25 EDT 2006


I have one for you that I'm curious...
How many of you think that the seventies tours were better than the 2k
Bands, set lists, Eric's abilities, guitar sound?

Of course we don't had the SD to discuss at that time, but I was wondering
how a post in the seventies would looks like:

"Yesterday I saw Clapton's concert in St. Louis. He had problems this night
(again). Set list was basically the same from the last tour. Layla, Sheriff,
Cocaine, After Midnight, HYELW, Willie & Hand Jive/Get Ready, Hello Old
Friend, Further On Up The Road, Knocking On Heaven's Door, Lay Down Sally,
Tulsa Times, and a new hit, a country ballad from Don Williams that I can
recall the name.

I don't know if he played on auto-pilot or not, because George Terry played
90% of the solos, and Yvonne Elliman and Marcy Levy sang 3 or 4 solo numbers
(each). Eric was very talkative, he even did a speach about some conservator
polictician who doesn't like immigrants very much, and then fell down drunk.
He returned after a 15 minutes break, but couldn't re-tune Blackie. His new
solid-state Music Man amplifier had police-radio static noises, we followed
a police hunt through that during the Layla coda. Sergio Pastora Rodriguez
delivered the most amazing 15 minutes percussion solo I have ever heard
during HYELW.Inspite all these little problems, it was a great, great
concert!!! Can't wait till the next one!" Slowhand
Digest, Vol 1, Issue 00003 - May 1977

Of course this is pure ficcion, but is that very apart from the reality
those days? How many of you think that this could be better than the 2006
tour? My opinion is NO! The band today is way better, his guitar sound is
better, his performance is ALWAYS better, everything is better.
Considering that the 60's tour WERE NOT Eric Clapton tours, the seventies
were a wasted decade in EC's words (not mine), we have the 80's and 90's
tours left. (Those tours with Casey & The Engineers and The Roosters during
the Art College, your favorite period don't count, Delta Nick:-) First half
of the 80's were poor. In the 90's, NBTB tour were not the regular tour on
the whole decade, so he have Journeyman/Pilgrim tours left against
Reptile/Back Home tours.

After all this stuff, how many of you still think that the 2k Tours suck?
Just curious:-)

Cheers, Fabio

PS. BTW, G.W. (it stands for George Walker or what?) there's no Fabian in
this list as far as I'm concerned, and yes, Olli and I were like an evil
team in this list, some marginals who still love EC music, even some of the
recent stuff.

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