[Slowhand] Re: WT, Cocaine & Layla - my take

Eric Lacroix eric.lacroix at free.fr
Fri May 12 12:40:36 EDT 2006

I feel like JR.
Layla (electric version) can't be considered the same way as Cocaine and
WT. Cocaine is not even an EC song.
Clapton develop wonderful solos on Layla. I have in mind some of the 85
and next, and 90/91 and later shows. Very inspired. I feel the same way
with 'The Sheriff'.
My thought about cocaine is that the live versions last too long. 3 or 4
minutes of Cocaine is enought, even if I love the Just One Night version
(great solos, both EC and AL) and the one from the bootleg Class Blues

Whatever, we are just fans, and I asume that 90% of the audience sees
Clapton just one time in their life and they expect to have the hits.

My 0.02€


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