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Sat May 13 07:23:50 EDT 2006


Zetti wrote :

"I've seen that this concert has been released with 2
different titles in
USA, Amazon lists both, one of them including a DTS audio

But the reviews on the site says that both releases are
simply horrible,
very bad quality, likely a semi-boot VHS transfer (here in
Brazil we have
some "official" releases like that....),

Please, what do you all think about this ? Are the DVD's
really bad ? I
just love this concert... "

I bought the IMMORTAL release (IMM940080 - NTSC- ALL ZONE)

The great thing is for the price of a DVD you get the audio
CD included.
The DVD feature dolby sound in 2.0 and 5.1 format.

The picture quality is a joke. I got it already on DVD
probably sourced from a LAZERDISC and they are both the same

They also released the James Brown and Friends (A Night of
Super Soul - IMM940078) still with CD.

To go on with these "joke" release, I want to mention the
Australian-only DVD release of BB King , "Live at the Appolo".

This is an all zone PAL dvd with "digitally remastered dolby
digital 5.1"
I especially recommend that one for :
- blind
- visual defficient
- people owning NTSC only compatible TV....

If I can advertise for a good BB King DVD, get " Live at
(White Star - D1672 - NTSC -ALL ZONE)
Short, mono but great sound (although DD2.0 224 Kbps) with
clean picture (bitrate > 8 Mbps)


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