[Slowhand] EC NEC and beyond .....

Stephen Hayes stephenhayes at jbcmail.com
Sat May 13 15:27:23 EDT 2006

Hi EC bashers & and er fans, well the Brum NEC was certainly a different
flavour I feel however overall, uplifting and very slick as per usual. I
was in great company in Mike S & friends Paul & Mad Pam whom I met on the
The highlights for me were probably a punchy "After Midnight" and
possibly my favourite " Back Home" which is the 12th track and
interestingly the title track on the album. Having played it several
times since the gig I really think that song has lot of meanining and
mileage in it. Cant wait for my next one on 22nd at RAH!! As per Jenny's
email any strangers to London & RAH are welcome to "hook up" for informal
natter & beer at 6pm on Monday 22nd at the box office.
ps Saw Santana last night and excellent entertainment all round they work
the crowd well, hence nearly 2 hrs of dancing for large sections of the
Wembley arena crowd. Wish Erics audiences were a bit more responsive at
times its only when Cocaine is belted out that the crowd gets in gear,
but they are different kinds of music, and the more salsa pop has a
younger appeal, especially with their recent chart hits etc.

Steve H ( leafy east London ( Walthamstow )


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