[Slowhand] Some thoughts on the tour

Roy D. Houston rdh at optimum-power.com
Tue May 16 16:24:52 EDT 2006

I'll add a few...

The Classics:
I agree with both camps regarding the classics being included in the setlist. They are a bit stale and yet, it is what the casual fan has paid to see. However, I am willing to give 'Layla' some slack this time out because of Mr. Trucks and I am encouraged to hear from one reviewer that the song is played closer to the original this time out. I suspect that this is due to Derek. If you haven't heard the Allman Bros Band cover 'Layla' in recent years, do yourself a favor and find a copy. They do a great job.

The Acoustic Set:
Okay, there are 5 Dominos tunes getting play on this tour. I am very excited to hear 'I Am Yours' but am I the only one that is surprised that it was chosen over 'Thorn Tree'? Granted, Thorn is the only track on the album solely written by Bobby Whitlock, but man would I love to hear EC's take on it....

The Missing shows:
Anyone else surprised that nothing has been torrented yet? David Gilmour and Radiohead's tours this year were torrented within days of the debut show. With EC, nothing (that I am aware of). The 'Anyday' track that was posted is an indication that at least one show has been taped...


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