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Wed May 17 14:17:46 EDT 2006

>From: "Scott Wallenberg" <scottw at racerxill.com>

>Brainless yes man? WTF are you trying to say...that he should say "Oh I

>think Eric is an over the hill musician or is really a jerk, or the band

>sucks" or what?


>Have you ever considered that maybe he really is enjoying himself.


>You obviously have not followed his career much or you would know what kind

>of person he is.



.....why is it so hard for so many to believe that a genuine nice person
like Derek Trucks is anything but just that, a "genuine nice person."

I've met Derek in "little sleepy seaside Morro Bay" in CA and seen him
holding my friend Ed Frawley's newborn baby named, like he, Derek,
after EC....photos of this event are precious....Derek is sincere, honest,
and has not become jaded and faded by the horrid music business nor
the even more horrid public.

Why is it so hard to see, or at least believe, in the mutual admiration
between Eric and Derek?

Why is it so hard to see the good in people?

Why do so many of you assume that celebrities think like you do and are
small-minded, resentful, judgemental, jealous and filled with envy?

In all my years of playing for the public I can honestly say that the fans
are the biggest pain-in-the-ass of all, and often bring down the comraderie
and joy of playing that musicians would otherwise enjoy. Bloodsucking
ingates many of them are, and more so every day...insatiable parasites.

If the Music Business doesn't kill you, a fan likely will.

Lew Campbell~

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