[Slowhand] Derek Eric etc

Bryan Reid humblephoenix at comcast.net
Wed May 17 14:47:20 EDT 2006

I must say that I find all of this quite humorous.

Eric is comfortable with himself and is at peace with himself. I very
seriously doubt that EC or one of his staff have said anything to Derek
about what he can or cannot say. To the extent that EC or anyone working for
him has spoken to Derek (or anyone else on the tour), it is about no drugs
or booze around EC and showing up sober and on-time for gigs. Beyond that,
EC accepts that people are going to be themselves and that he cannot, nor
would he wish to, control them.

There has been a surprising amount of negativity about EC posted here of
late. No, I am not enamored of his latest album - I haven't even bought it
nor am I likely to. And, yes, I wouldn't mind making up his setlist for him.
And, yes, it would be nice if he mixed it up a bit and didn't just play the
same setlist every night. BUT that's not going to happen, so I'm not going
to obsess about it. Eric is doing what's right for him AND for his band, as
well as trying to put on a show that has something for ALL of his fans.

Eric does mix it up, but over a longer timeframe. Most of his albums over
the last 10 years fall into my "like but not love" category. He certainly
floored (and delighted) me with From The Cradle. I was a little disappointed
with Mr Johnson And Me but very happy to have it (a liitle over-produced for
my liking). Then he turns around and puts out the Mr J sessions album, which
is a joy. Then he reunites with Jack and Ginger for seven shows, which were
wonderful. I was thrilled to be able to see them again after 37 years.

Derek, on the other hand, grew up in the music world. He is a world-class
guitarist who is comfortable in many different musical formats. He KNOWS
what kind of a guitarist EC is, and I have no doubts that he is genuinely
thrilled to be in his tour band. The opportunity to play with EC is both
great fun and educational for him. What more could anyone want? And not to
miss a chance to be crass, EC pays his sidemen very well.

I will undoubtedly catch one of Clapton's shows when this tour works its way
here to the East Coast. I try to catch at least one show on every tour. And
I always enjoy them. I always find something special and unique in each of
his shows to experience, enjoy and remember with fond memories.


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