[Slowhand] Re: Derek Eric etc

Eric Lacroix eric.lacroix at free.fr
Wed May 17 22:50:34 EDT 2006

Bryan, I'm 100% with you a what you said.

The only exeption is that I have bought "Back Home" :-P . I try to buy
every EC official release, at least for 'moral' concerning bootlegs. I
feel more comfortable with collecting bootlegs if I have every record
that can be bought officially (in a certain extend).

About Derek Trucks : he's actually living a great experience. He won't
start to spoil it or darken the picture by saying negative stuffs or
complain about it. More, making people excited to go and see them
onstage is a good thing for the musicians like him. They can feel the
mood of the crowd and then themselves be even better.
And it is the same for us. Going to the shows with a positive attitude
helps us to feel it good. And the oposite is true and it applies to
everything in life. Mmmm, I'm starting to be too philosophical ...

A least for me everything's fine. A week ago I just had a ticket for the
Paris show, in a 15000 people indoor stadium. Not the greatest place for
music. Today, I have a good seat in the RAH for the 26th, a ticket for a
small venue the 27th for Derek Trucks band in Paris the day before EC
and I will see Robert Cray live for the first time (twice :) ). And I
will meet fellow slowhanders in London. How life could be better ? ...
(a backstage pass maybe, but I can dream :-) ).

Be positives, it helps.

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