[Slowhand] RE: does EC play on Jerry Lee Lewis' "London Sessions" LP from 1973?

Jon Maclean Jon.Maclean at lands.nsw.gov.au
Thu May 18 20:16:17 EDT 2006

I don't believe Eric was involved in this album, as I have never seen
any solid confirmation of his participation either. I'm pretty sure he's
not mentioned in the liner notes for either my LP or 80s CD reissue.
I have to say I was disappointed with the album generally. To my ears it
sounds like Jerry Lee is just going through the motions and playing with
these English "stars" in the hope that it will generate a hit. I've
heard far more inspired efforts from him in other settings.
Just my thoughts anyhow.


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Subject: [Slowhand] does EC play on Jerry Lee Lewis' "London Sessions"
LP from 1973?
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Universal's mail order/collector's label Hip-O-Select has released an
expanded version of J.L. Lewis' "London Sessions" album from 1973.


The website blurb states that Eric Clapton appears on the album, but
none of the various Clapton books I've read (by Mark Roberty, et al)
mention any E.C. connection to this album.

Has anybody here bought this limited edition set? Is Clapton
mentioned specifically in the liner notes? I've e-mailed Hip-O-Select
about this but - surprise - never heard back from them...

I'm considering this buying this set mostly as a Clapton completist,
but I like Jerry Lee and would consider it even if EC isn't involved.
Any thoughts?


Vancouver BC

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