[Slowhand] Magnificent!

JOHN NACCARATO jnacca0408 at rogers.com
Sun May 21 19:15:47 EDT 2006

I've just finished listening to the first show of the tour from France
and I'm extremely happy about what I've heard. Derek Trucks
has added a dynamic that has been missing from what has been
my ideal of an optimum EC show--a great slide player. I have to marvel at Derek's profoundly musical ear and how he can emote musically as well. " I am yours" is one of the songs that I had
requested on this list before the tour and I really can't believe
that it is being played---and it is being played masterfully. Derek's
playing is sublime on this track and really spectacular throughout
the entire show. I really believe that the way Layla is being played
on this tour is the best live version we've ever heard---surpassing
even the great versions with Knopfler back in the late '80's. "Little
Queen of Spades" is a welcome showpiece as a slow blues with
everyone given plenty of room to strut their stuff. Chris Stainton
really shines on this one. I'm also very happy to see "running on
faith" make a reappearance in the set list---a very underrated
song, to be sure. It's also really special to hear "anyday" too. I am
also impressed with the kick horns especially on "Nobody knows
you when you're down and out" and "After Midnight". I would be remiss to write a review of an EC show and not mention
how he's playing. I believe that EC's playing is as strong as it
was in 2004---and that's saying a lot. I do wish that there was
some good natured sparring between EC and Derek though. I'm
really hoping that this band will make it to Toronto in the fall.

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