[Slowhand] Wonderful Tonight? ho-hum!

Shanahan mowdamowda at hotmail.com
Wed May 24 08:56:50 EDT 2006

>P.S Do all genuine fans get annoyed by the reaction 'Wonderful Tonight'
gets? He
>plays his heart out on an amazing solo which gets polite applause, then
>those four little notes and half the audience starts cheering!

>From the day Slowhand was released, I've hated Wonderful Tonight and Next

Time You See Her.
Cocaine, The Core, Lay Down Sally (Yeah DN I know how you feel about this
song) and even a sloppy
version of May You Never were head and shoulders above these trite and very
amateurish self-penned ditties.

The album before had Black Summer Rain (great), Hello Old Friend (good),
There's One In Every Crowd had
almost half an album of very good self-penned numbers. When he got to Money
And Cigarettes it seemed
he'd finally turned a corner with songwriting (and singing). Who knows what
happened with Slowhand? (too much booze?)

"annoyed by the reaction"? No, not really. To me, there are three types of
people who go to Clapton concerts.
The ones who like the hits, WT, Tears In Heaven, Change The World, etc. The
ones who go to see what all the fuss is about
(and also want to say they've seen him). And the genuine fans.

But then again I'm a bald boring old fart in my fifties, what do I know?
When Eric was last in Australia I was a long-haired man about
town in my thirties. I'm surprised I can even string a couple of sentences

To change the subject somewhat, I'll go along with Paul Stewart and offer to
burn 5 double CDs for those who would like an audience
recording of the Paris Show. Usual deal with the re-offers.



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