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Wed May 24 21:46:11 EDT 2006

The most popular songs for Eric Clapton in iTunes are as follows:

Wonderful Tonight
Tears in Heaven
Change the World
Lay Down Sally
Tears in Heaven(yes its on here twice)
Wonderful Tonight

Is this the definitive list, I say it is for the casual person who would say
"Yeah, I like Eric Clapton" and therefore he will continue to play the songs
that make him money as much as we would like to hear the obscure. Remember,
there are more of them than there are of us. If you make it to a show this
year, look around you. Most of the people there WANT and EXPECT to hear WT
Layla and the "classics" and probably could give a fat rat's rump about
hearing Anyday or WDLGTBSS or I Am Yours or any of the other songs that get
those of us who collect and trade bootlegs and search for the elusive rare
tracks. The Blues tour was the closest we will ever come to a concept tour.
We may want to to hear a live version of LAOALS in it's entirety but he
wants to continue to sell out arenas so he will continue to put together
shows that appeal to the widest group of people.

also, if anyone is interested in the 5/5/2006 show, I am offering it up to 3
who promise to reoffer.
Daniel Shearon
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