[Slowhand] Albert Hall, First Three Nights

Jenny Katz buddy at bigpond.net.au
Thu May 25 07:18:16 EDT 2006

I have to agree that Derek Trucks is an awesome guitarist. Dare I say he
could usurp EC in the "God" stakes one day?
What a great line-up of very talented musicians - he sure knows how to pick
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> Okay, I am just back from London, where I saw the first three shows at the

> Albert Hall.


> It's a very good band, and an interesting setlist.


> The band is new, and at times they are still finding their way. So each of

> the shows had different highlights. By the

> time they get to the U.S. I expect they will be playing together on a more

> consistent level.


> IMHO, in a two hour show, half an hour was great (Anyday, I Am Yours,

> Little Queen of Spades, Milkcow), an hour

> was quite good (Pretending, So Tired, GTGBIALW, Lost & Found, I Shot The

> Sheriff, Let It Rain, Back Home, Nobody

> Knows You When You're Down And Out, After Midnight, Running On Faith,

> Everybody Oughta Make A Change, Motherless

> Children) and half an hour was so-so (Wonderful Tonight, Cocaine, Layla

> (except for the coda, which now has some lovely

> slide going on in it) and Crossroads). Obviously, these opinions are

> colored by song preferences.


> Lots of sharing of guitar duties, with lots of guitar flying every which

> way. 2004 was plagued by too much keyboards

> (as much as I love Billy Preston's playing). Now it's guitar saturation,

> which for me is not a complaint. Derek Trucks

> can really give EC a run for his money, and I really like how Doyle is

> playing right now. When they get all three guitars

> going at once it is really quite glorious.


> Willie Weeks and Steve Jordan push harder than Nathan East and Steve Gadd.


> It's too bad they aren't doing an hour of Derek & the Dominos songs,

> because this band could really do them justice. But

> they are doing close to half an hour of Derek & The Dominos songs.


> Best,


> Ken





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