[Slowhand] Help me, somebody please help me! I can't take it anymore!

Bryan Reid humblephoenix at comcast.net
Fri May 26 22:19:01 EDT 2006

I'm an emotional wreck. EC has brought me to my knees again. Somebody please
help me. I've had the Mid Valley "The Majestic Stand" version of the Derek &
The Dominos 20 November 1970 early and late shows at the Santa Monica Civic
for years and now I have the new Paddington label version of the same shows.
The Paddington version is much clearer but is EQ'd higher so it's got a
treblely sound. The Mid Valley is well balanced but isn't as clear. I can't
figure out which one I like best. I can't take it. Somebody please help me.
Tell me which one is better. Puhleaze, tell me.

Okay, now that I've got your attention. Usual deal. A complete copy of the
Mid Valley "The Majestic Stand" 4 CD set (including the 16 October 1970
Philly show) and a copy of the Paddington "Stormy Monday" 3 CD set (with the
old TMOQ LP William Stout artwork). One copy to SD, one to the Swamp Meet.
Artwork on separate CDR. Respond with snail mail address, which list you're
re-offering to, commitment to re-offer, etc, etc. If I don't reply, you were
too late.


The first two people who e-mail will get a special bonus, absolutely free,
of the new Tinker Bell label remaster of the Derek & The Dominos 11 August
1970 Marquee Club gig, complete at last! (Artwork included and you will

Now, how's that for some sleazy marketing. Joey Isuzu got nothin' on me.

Regards to all,


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