[Slowhand] Re: EC at the Albert - and a few other bits & bobs

Phil Jones pjones at doodlesite.com
Wed May 31 13:12:23 EDT 2006

I'm glad Susan and Ed mentioned this (the incident with the guy at the stage in RAH and the seemingly relentless photography issues).

I was in stalls block K - behind the mixing desk - so I had a good vantage point of the whole arena area. The camera ban seemed to extend bizzarely to mobile cameraphones. Each time an illuminated phone viewfinder became visible, the stewards seemed obsessed with running up and down stopping it.

I can't understand the logic - It's not even like camera phones can take good pictures in a good photographic environment. In the concert environment, anything with those things just comes out as a blue splodge.

What were they thinking?? I'm sure Starfile will be banging people's doors down for their exclusive 640x480 Motorola V500 pics!! Comeon!

To be totally honest, I found the guy who approached the stage was the highlight of the Friday show - I didn't think there was a lot of passion in the playing that night - the set list generator seemed to have stuck, plus I feel EC relied far too much on Doyle and Derek - they may be very very accomplished players, but EC is the bloke most people have paid to see. I felt the Birmingham show which I went to earlier in the month was better.

Secondly - Regarding all the debate about the Greatest Hits being played night after night and the sort of stuff the non-hardened EC public (tourists as Mark Knopfler once called them) expect - there's a solution. Why not have 2 shows - one with a set advertised for the fans (Where's Eric, or ECaccess ??) which will be billed as "Don't expect Layla, WT, Cocaine, etc etc etc - you ain't gonna get them if you come to this show" and another with a standard set - everyone happy!! Then again, Springteen and Manillow manage variation and 'oddities' within a normal show - and they seem to do make an ok living.

Final thing - why do so many CD and DVD weeds on this list not survive very long when there does seem to be a lot of demand out there for the stuff being passed around??
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