[Slowhand] Re: Eric Clapton: Deluxe Edition

Luke Pacholski lukpac at lukpac.org
Thu Jun 1 12:59:41 EDT 2006

DeltaNick, re:

> Hmmm. Interesting that nobody has commented on this release (23 May,

> 2xCDs).


> Any thoughts? This one includes the official Tom Dowd mix, and the REAL

> Delaney Bramlett mix. Apparently, what was labeled the Delaney mix in

> the past was really the Eric Clapton mix.


> My opinion is that the Clapton mix is the best of all.


> There also are a few additional tracks not on the original album.


> Any other opinions?

I've done some brief listening. Interesting, but it didn't blow me away.
She Rides is neat, but Let It Rain is better. Delaney's mix is certainly
more polished than Clapton's, which has a ton of reverb on the vocals.

I thought Delaney dropped the ball on Let It Rain, though. Worst mix of
the 3.

I'd say the "best" mixes depend on the track for me. I'm partial to
Delaney's After Midnight (already on Crossroads), but Dowd or Clapton for
Let It Rain, for example.

Too bad they didn't use the Clapton mix as a BB bonus disc or something.


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