[Slowhand] Re: Eric Clapton - Deluxe

Shanahan mowdamowda at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 1 18:33:49 EDT 2006

>Apparently, what was labeled the Delaney mix in the past was really the
Eric Clapton mix.


Going by 'The Unsurpassed Eric Clapton - The Delany(sic) Mix', most of the
Delaney mix on the Deluxe is the same.

The exceptions on The Unsurpassed:

Slunky - without the horns
Lovin' You, Lovin' Me - same mix as Dowds
Let It Rain - more acoustic guitars

After Midnight on Crossroads, although labeled 'alternate mix' is Delaney's

So as far as I can tell

Eric's mix:

Easy Now - yes
Slunky - probably
Let It Rain - maybe

And DN, the missing half second from the start of Slunky still doesn't
bother you?



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