[Slowhand] Re: Eric Clapton - Deluxe

Luke Pacholski lukpac at lukpac.org
Fri Jun 2 08:39:54 EDT 2006

Shanahan, re:

> Going by 'The Unsurpassed Eric Clapton - The Delany(sic) Mix', most of the

> Delaney mix on the Deluxe is the same.


> The exceptions on The Unsurpassed:


> Slunky - without the horns

> Lovin' You, Lovin' Me - same mix as Dowds

> Let It Rain - more acoustic guitars


> After Midnight on Crossroads, although labeled 'alternate mix' is Delaney's

> mix.

As Delta Nick indicated, the "Delany" mix on bootleg is actually
Clapton's. While there are similarities to the Delaney mixes, there are
also significant differences; in particular Clapton's mix generally has a
lot of reverb, especially on the vocals. Also, the Delaney and Clapton
mixes of After Midnight are *not* the same. The Delaney mix (DE and
Crossroads) has the drums pan from one channel to the other in the intro,
while the Clapton mix does not. The Clapton mix also has some stray noises
not on the Delaney mix.

It's too bad the Clapton mix wasn't part of the DE, but I suppose 3 mixes
of the whole album might be a bit much, plus I don't know how the
licensing would work, even if it was just a bonus disc.


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