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Elliot Paterson ephome1 at gotadsl.co.uk
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Hi there,

(it's been for a while on here for me!!)

Yes, they are TK masterbuilds in a new custom colour that can appear like Pewter, but it's not. Word is it's actually Ferrari Grigio Silverstone, from the road cars. Not the first time EC has had a guitar colour coded to his car...

Cheers, Elliot.

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thanks for the pictures - it's the closet I'll get to
being there.

After viewing Eric's pictures (see link above), I'm
surprised none of the other gearheads (like me)
commented on EC's guitar for this tour. The "graffiti"
guitar (or whatever it was called), is gone and EC is
once again playing a black strat. Was anyone close to
see if it's an "EC Sig" or a newer Strat perhaps?

It's a masterbuilt Strat out of Fender, Los Angeles.

Builder is Todd Krause............

Best Wishes,
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