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Sebastien, the sites main page gives a hint of EC's contribution with
the following............After the death of his musician brother,
director Andrew Shapter was inspired to make this film. He and Producer
Joel Rasmussen and the film crew traveled thousands of miles, visiting
dozens of cities, speaking with hundreds of fans, journalists, record
executives and musicians while searching for "real" American music. What
they found were mega-talents without a major label, including one artist
Eric Clapton believes is "the real thing."

"I've never heard anyone like him," says Clapton. "He plays like nobody

...........The film also features live performances by many of the
artists featured in the film including Dave Matthews, Erykah Badu,
Calexico, Branford Marsalis, Eric Clapton, Blaze, Guy Forsyth, and
Correo Aereo.

From what I saw in the photo section, I think Doyle gets some major
focus in this film...................T

"As long as there are women on this earth who men love,
there will always be the blues.".......John Lee Hooker

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