[Slowhand] Clapton Tix for Madison Square Garden

joeyjay at att.net joeyjay at att.net
Mon Jun 5 13:14:50 EDT 2006


Was surprised that we were able to score 8 tickets for the Friday, Seotember 29th show at Madison Square Garden.

I like the set list they are playing. There are a few songs that I am looking so forward to hearing. Hope they produce a DVD from the tour. They must do it for this tour, especially with songs like Why Does Love Have To Be So Sad, Anyday, Got To Get Better In A Little While, Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out, Bell Bottom Blues, After Midnight, I Am Yours, Let It Rain etc. being included !!!

God, how I wish Bobby Whitlock was a member of the band for this tour.


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