[Slowhand] Billy Preston.....

joeyjay at att.net joeyjay at att.net
Tue Jun 6 16:20:44 EDT 2006


A few weeks back, my brother asked me to participate in an exercise to identify the 50 songs from mainstream artists that I perceive to be my favorite songs of all time. The studio version of Billy Preston’s That’s The Way God Planned with Eric Clapton, George Harrison and Ginger Baker was my number one of all time.

Thank you Billy for that song. This has been my favorite since it was first recorded in Apple Record’s early days.

I have no doubt that Billy’s incredible energy and personality helped generate such inspired soloing by Clapton.on that studio version.

Billy was such a special player. I’m glad I had the pleasure of seeing him in recent years with Eric.

My only regret is that That’s The Way God Planned It was never played again like the studio version. The perfect chances would have been at the Concert for George or at The Concert for Bangladesh.

That being said, we have lost another great one.

God Bless You Billy…..thanks for all the great music. You are the one who contributed the one studio song I love more than any other.


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