[Slowhand] Where's the Blind Faith DVD???

Jonathan Seff jon at seff.net
Fri Jun 9 12:31:10 EDT 2006

>The last US release date was 6 June 2006. I checked at both Borders

>and Best Buy: no DVD. The sales associate at Best Buy checked his

>computer and the release date is listed as sometime in the year

>2020. This, he explained, means that the release date has changed.

>The year 2020 is a default on Best Buy's computer system indicating

>that a new release date has not yet been set.


>Just curious if anyone else has seen the DVD in the US.


>I figure there'd already be an explanation on "Well Allright," the

>Blind Faith web site

>(http://www.angelfire.com/wi/blindfaith/index.html). There's not

>even mention of the DVD's unavailability in the US. Am I the first

>to notice?

Deep Discount DVD lists the release date as 7/11 (and they're selling
it for $11.96).



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