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John Whitney jfw at insightbb.com
Tue Jun 27 21:08:32 EDT 2006

My friend, I am unsure whether you just don't get it or just don't want to
get it. For his entire career, Clapton has played shows that commanded top
ticket prices. While, you may regard a $75 ticket on the last tour to have
been high, or maybe $90 this time to be exhorbitant, these tours charged
what the market allowed for their time. It has always been that way with
Clapton. You have never seen him play for anything below the market of the
day. The reality is that he has always sold out both of the Midwest venues -
Chicago and St. Louis - for every show for the past 20 years. I know of no
exception. Clapton tickets in the Midwest have always been a hot item. On
this tour, Clapton is playing a bit below the market. Check it out: CSNY,
Eagles, Madonna, Rolling Stones, McCartney, Pearl Jam, DMB, Coldplay,
Radiohead, all play to sold out crowds at top ticket prices. Clapton does
not. You can devise all the excuses you wish. The reality is the same. It is
not the price of tickets that has kept fans away. The artist has
accomplished this on his own. His popularity has declined. And, he has
caused this himself. DN is absolutely correct. Clapton has not challenged
himself to play the music he is more than capable of playing. His attraction
to Climie and the milk-sop of programmed drums and ill-conceived electronics
was an easy choice for him. He is now genteel, and good for him. Some of us
may yearn for a return to the axe of yesteryear, but it likely will not be
delivered. I am going to the St. Louis show and expect to see a nice show.
Recently, I saw BB again. I paid more than I did for Clapton. I expected
some degree of sweetness. After all, he is on his 80th birthday tour. BB
stroked all the licks. He still is a musical genius and continues to play
that way. BB will probably pass away without being genteel, and good for
him, too. But, BB still sells out most shows and challenges himself most
every night.


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