[Slowhand] MVR Black Beauty : altered?

weedweed@tiscali.fr weedweed at tiscali.fr
Thu Sep 14 13:32:34 EDT 2006


I downloaded from Dime the MVR Eric Clapton - Black Beauty

It was said to be "the definitive, tweaked and remastered
version of this concert by which all other versions will be
measured - and fall short."

But it appeared that the volume level was too high and get
sound saturation on some part whereas the same show offered
here a few years earlier was recorded at a lower level and
thus not saturating.

The torrent has been banned since as it was lossy sourced
[ie digi sat].
The version that spread here was also digi sat.

I wonder if the one torrented on Dime was a genuine MVR rip
or if it was altered by somebody in the line.

Additionaly, I'd like to to know the difference with "The
Geetarz Guide to Easy Air Guitar v. 2.0" said to be "pre-FM
source in scintillating, noncompressed quality".


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