[Slowhand] The sixties just agree with this man

Dan Gove quadzila at optonline.net
Fri Sep 29 16:47:36 EDT 2006

Wow! That's got to be one of the best show the man has played at the Garden
in a longtime! What he lacked in vocals (understandably) he surely made up
for in his stratocasting ferocity. And that's not to say his vocals were
weak, not by any stretch! It's really hard to believe he's 61 and still
going so strong. It was great to see him smiling so often and even
interacting with the audience, it looked like he was having a great time!
When he was about to start one of his acoustic numbers, there were several
loud whistles coming from the audience. Eric said something like "nice
whistling, we ought to have a whistling solo" and of course the Garden the
audience gladly obliged with what sounded like every person in the arena
whistling as loud as they could. Eric laughed it off and was able stop most
(not all) of the whistling soloists before starting the number.

One of the highlights for me was rolling, thunderous intro to Motherless
Children, great stuff! I'm really bummin' I missed Layla, I really wanted to
see the interaction between Eric and Derek on that one, I'll be sure to
check it out at Saturday nights show!

Set list:
I Shot The sheriff
Got To Get Better
old love
everybody ought to change
motherless children

Back home
I am yours
nobody knows you
running on faith

After midnight
Queen of spades
further on up the road
wonderful tonight


Dan G.
Quadzila at optonline.net

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