[Slowhand] DC, 10 October

DeltaNick deltanick at comcast.net
Tue Oct 17 05:55:18 EDT 2006

I'm back, but let's see how long THIS subscription lasts. The last one, in August, lasted just 2-3 days!

Anyway, all the reviews of the DC show, last week, were spot on. However, if I had to select one review that best summarized the show, I'd say that it was AG's: "As for EC, he looked relaxed and in a good mood. In terms of playing, he pretty much stayed in safe mode - this isn't necessarily a criticism, it's just that he seemed relaxed and having fun, and really stepped back a bit to let the rest of the folks in the band cut loose a bit. Probably the only part of the evening where EC really did seem to go into 'The Zone' was during 'Old Love' ..."

This band is a lot more exciting than the last one. Most people were on their feet, it seemed, most of the time. EC's reaction to everything appeared as if he enjoyed himself more than the last few shows I saw ('98, '01, '04). Sat right behind some of Tim Carmon's relatives, who wore "guest" stickers. Being right under one of the four JBL speakers, suspended from the ceiling, made for a "vibrant" next day.


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