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I've been meaning to post since last Friday, when I was lucky enough to
go with 2 friends to see and hear the Derek Trucks Band and the Susan
Tedeschi Band perform. What a great night of music!!! I had never
heard DT before, except as a sideman to EC, and didn't know what to
expect, except maybe some blues. Well, they played much more than that;
there was jazz, Afro-Caribbean beats, you name it. DT doesn't sing, but
has a wonderful vocalist. DTB played 4 or 5 songs, including a couple
instrumental numbers. The most interesting was a jazzy take on "My
Favorite Things"; yes, the song from "The Sound of Music"! Then Susan
joined them, along with her drummer and sax man. They did "Walk a Mile
in My Shoes", "Only You Know & I Know"(Delaney & Bonnie?), and then a
beautiful version of "Any Day". What a treat! And to top it off,
towards the end of "Any Day", a tall, gray/blonde-haired gentleman
standing in the wings scooted over and took the drummers' place. Guess
who? Uncle Butch. The small but very enthusiastic crowd went wild!
Pompano Beach Amphitheater is basically a glorified bandshell; only
2,600 or 2,800 seats, all outdoors. But a very intimate, cozy feel.
DTB played an hour or so, then a short break, then STB came on. I'm
more familiar with Susan's music, and really like her. Toward the end
of her set, Derek, his vocalist (Mike something?), and keyboardist
joined her for a few numbers. Her encores were "Don't Think Twice",
done more in Dylan's style than the EC Bobfest way. Then they finished
up with one of Susan's numbers, "It Hurts so Bad" (from "Just Won't
Burn" CD).
If anyone out there gets a chance, GO SEE THEM!!! I'm hoping they'll be
around more often; I had no idea they lived just 5 hours away in
Jacksonville, FL!

Happy New Year to all!!

Debby J.

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"When I joined the Allman Brothers Band was when I first had that
feeling of all this music history coming full circle," Trucks said. "
`Eat a Peach,' `At Fillmore East' and `Layla' were the records that got
me playing."

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