[Slowhand] John Mayer

deltanick at aol.com deltanick at aol.com
Sun Jan 14 13:45:58 EST 2007

>> You mean Lindsay Buckingham? Mebbe you do mean Stevie Nicks. Either way, I have been mystified by Mayer's appeal and dumbfounded by EC's and Buddy Guy's willingness to perform with him. <<

Yes, I do mean Stevie Nicks. Mayer reminds me of her because they both mumble their words horribly when they sing.

I too am mystified by EC's interest in Mayer. I've seen interviews with Mayer, and he seems likeable and decent.

But listen to his singing. Like Stevie Nicks, he mangles the words worse than most, like a Marine Corps Drill Instructor.


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